15HC - Coaxial Hornspeakers

15HC - Coaxial Horn speakers

Fifteen inches for fun...

Life is about emotions and precious moments. Usually they only last in our memory. With the new Tobian Soundsystems Monitor 15HC you can keep them forever.

The 15HC represent a perfect blend of a back-loaded horn with a bespoke made drivers.

As in every speaker crossover is the heart of the speaker - as complex as necessary and as simple as possible. In our design we use hand-wound coils as well as bespoke components.

The Monitor 15HC has the incredible ability to deliver the tiniest dynamic changes, the most beautiful tone and transparency completely independent of music style and volume. This speaker is able to recreate the emotions which usually can only be experienced during live music events.

In order to be able to create such a special product, you need an emotional contact with the products you make. We have it, and we will share it with you.

Sound like you never heard before. Music that goes deep into your body and soul... a tonal magic.

Technical Specifications

2-Way Coaxial Horn Speaker
15 inch Bass with 2.5" diaphragm mid-high compression driver
900 watts
Sensitivity: ca. 99db SPL/1W/1m
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Range: 22 Hz to 20kHz
Dimensions: 110 x 46 x 55 cm (W x H x D)
weight: 45kg
Order processing time: approximately 6 weeks
lifetime warranty
Handmade in Hergiswil (Lake Lucerne) Switzerland

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