SC1 - Triode Pre-Amplifier

SC1 - Triode PreAmplifier

The SC1…completely legal happiness drug.

Our new SC1 is a real five ★★★★★ transformer coupled Reference preamplifier. The SC1 is completely hand wired (point to point) and all components were newly developed especially for the SC1.

For example; the new permalloy line output transformer with over 350 henrys is unique on the market!

This low-distortion and ultra-musical line out output transformer is the ideal partner for our new SC1 and has helped us to bring to life this exceptional preamplifier.

Technical Specifications

Handmade super Permalloy Line output Transformer
Impedance 200 ohm (Standard)
300 ohm and 600 ohm (available)

Line Stage 4 X  801a / VT62 / 10 Triode

complete hand wired (point to point) 99.99% pure Silver

TVC Transformer Volume Control 34 step

Tube Rectifier 274B

Weight 48 Kg Preamplifier Line Stage

Weight 54 Kg Power Supply

dimensions 480mm x 540mm x 280mm (WxDxH)

hand made in Stansstad Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

lifetime warranty (less tubes)

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