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The Technology

Over the past few decades, our amplifiers have become more and more of my personal passion. All of our DHT triode preamplifiers and mono amplifiers are completely symmetrical from input to output, completely transformer-coupled and built point-to-point for you personally by hand.

The indispensable prerequisite for the finest audio quality is an optimal power supply. It is why we use a powerful power supply with paper in oil capacitors of up to 5000V dielectric strength, which are the anchor points of every amplifier coming from our production. We use only in-house developed and produced power transformers for each individual voltage supply. This guarantees an optimal, 100% safe and reliable voltage and current supply.

Schematics of each unit are designed in such a way that each supply circuit has its own network transformer. 

This technology we started using as early as 2005 in our SC12 preamplifier which had a dual power supply section. One of the key components in preamplifiers, which ensures outstanding sonical performance, is certainly our Autoformer volume control. We managed to develop and utilize in our units something very special being the Permenorm 8000H Audio Autoformer. It has over 220Hy and has an extremely large E-core made of super Permalloy, low packing density of the windings and extremely low impedance values and thus lowest losses with the best flux density.

All of these technical solutions are the base for achieving a very high performance of our preamplifiers. This results in extreme tonal improvement which can be heard in the first tones of a piece of music and thus be a guarantee for a completely new musical experience.